Solo Show, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

A solo photographic installation on World Heritage listed Cockatoo Island, titled "He Was Always Watching, She Never Knew".
The show was held in the sandstone Turbine Precinct of Cockatoo Island, in Room 143, 25x12metres.
All 18 works, sized 100x160 cm were situated within the 18 windows in the room.
Sydney-based artist Claire Letitia Reynolds will be presenting her latest art installation Room 143 at CIFF.

Film meets art in Room 143
Film Meets Art in Room 143 - Arts Hub 2012
Sydney-based artist Claire Letitia Reynolds will be presenting her latest art installation Room 143 at Cockatoo Island Film Festival.
Reynold’s new original work explores the pleasures and terrors of voyeurism in contemporary cinema with a tagline that reads, ‘He was always watching, she never knew’. Audiences visiting the exhibition will be left wondering just who is watching who.
References and sounds to Bernardo Bertolucci’s controversial Last Tango in Paris, and imagery featuring Tony Curtis, Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, James Stewart and Orson Welles are to be expected, as well as the introduction of enigmatic ‘Midnight Monroe’.
All will be unveiled at a private viewing of Reynold’s show on October 23, before it opens to the public when the festival starts. Room 143 does not mark the artist’s first visit to world heritage listed Cockatoo Island, the site has already been the subject of a series of photos for the photographer and mixed media artist who is inspired by the iconic Australian landscape.
Reynold’s passion for photography started still in her teens and led her to train with some of the most renowned photographers in the world including Miles Aldridge, who has produced work for publications such as Vogue, New York Times and Numero.
‘I make pictures as a way of navigating life. The colours, the lines, and the light intermingle, to form a single pattern different every time, no matter what. Just before I take a picture, I feel this strong energy force – it takes over. At this moment, I feel real. I feel honest… And I feel alive,’
Reynolds states on her website.
Born in Paterson, New South Wales, Reynolds has completed a BA Communications in Media (Film Production) at UCACT in 1997. Since then she has been making photographic art on the streets of London, New York and Sydney as well as remote Aboriginal communities, where she has also worked as a teacher. 
Room 143 keeps in line with the artist’s work which encompasses art, portraiture, fashion, beauty and social commentary. Reynold's installation will be running for the duration of the festival, from October 24-28. For more information, check out the Cockatoo Island Film Festivalsite and don't forget to check out our Festival Focus mini-site.