Claire Letitia Reynolds


Self portrait 'After The Fires' Claire Letitia Reynolds, Peregian Beach, 2019


Reynolds has worked as a photographic artist for over 15years, developing her practice as an artist and learning to communicate notonly her own stories but also the stories of others. Reynolds practice has beenthe long term development of the processes and methodologies utilised inprevious work, showcasing people from other cultures and backgrounds. Usingbest practice when it comes to engaging and learning to support people, to telltheir stories through her art.

'Working as digital artist to Tracey Moffatt 2009-2016, including her two photo dramas for the Venice Biennale 2017, has taught me skills that prepared me as an artist; strengthened my practise through mentorship and direction from Moffatt, conceptually from inception of the idea, technically through multi-media facets- both two and three dimensional presentation, and on an intuitive level, as creativity thrives on diversity, tension, sharing and collaboration".

Reynolds exhibition Changing Perceptions on Homelessness has been exhibited most recently with Caloundra Regional Gallery (August-September 2022), and has also been shown in 3 other locations across Noosa and The Sunshine Coast since 2020. 

Other accomplishments include gallery representation inBoston, MA, at Gallery 555 through director Susan Nalband (2017-2020), theseries "The Lonesome Cowboys" received international acclaim in 2016and was featured at Head On Photo Festival.

Reynolds produced a solo exhibition 'He Was Always Watching,She Never Knew', on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, in Room 143, with Artist Profileeditor Kon Giourtis OAM, editor of Artist profile Magazine, noting:
"I was immediately impressed by the vision, scale andaptitude of the show. It expressed narratives through a series of provocativeand appropriated images that seemed at both obvious and daring. Theinstallation displayed again Claire’s inimitable view on the world".

In late 2011 Reynolds self published the book Pure and Dirtywith photographer Chrissie Hall.
"PURE AND DIRTY is a unique body of work that capturesa wild journey into sexuality and the Australian bush. On a mission tophotograph what is pure and what is dirty, we were looking for a space withoutboundaries, where nothing was off-limits, where we could rampantly discoverways of reconnecting with nature. We took road trips, we took the city to thebush, we were naked, we made pictures- we made art". Reynolds and Hall.
The images function in that zone of comfortable silencewhere the nakedness is truthful and there is never a sense that 'dirty' is bad.The book then prompted an invitation from Ray Hughes Gallery for a majorexhibition.
"This is such a visual 'frolic'.. what free spirits youboth are. I do like how it has been shot - it is so immediate - I can taste andsmell the trip... nothing is set up - But you both have such an 'eye' it isobvious.. you both have the eyes of artists" Tracey Moffatt.

Reynolds completed a Diploma in Visual Art at Queensland College Of Art in 2021, in addition to securing three artist grants for her exhibition WE ARE ONE; Sunshine Coast Council RADF; Arts Queensland; Australia Council for the Arts. 

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